After Action Report Hurricane Irma,

Our prepping to bargain with Hurricane Irma has been completed in a set of measures dependent on the likelihood of a strike. I wrote about this at a prior post. On the Thursday prior to the Labor weekend Irma was monitoring involving Cuba and ten times outside. Checked my own supplies. Purchased 30 gallons of gasoline with the generator and automobiles in 5-gallon headphones for use. Every could of gas and I added 4oz of Stabil together. Purchased 40 Gallons of water for house and 10 gallons to be used on the job. Purchased one bundle of D batteries. The Storm has been monitoring more towards Florida and the masses not prepared. Filled the cars up. 

Rain barrels can supply my family every time it rains. The water is crystal clear and free. I run it however a Berkey water filter to purify the water. 3. Pulled coolers, the box fans , and storm shutter fasteners in the loft. 4. Picked AAA batteries up to the water softener at salt and Lowes. Shopped Walmart for last-minute things to select up: 2 gallons of routine bleachbunch of toilet paper, bandages, plus a  water purification systems few extra first aid materials, dish soap, and body soap. The storm was monitoring towards Florida’s east coast. I cleaned up and bleached both cans after recycling and garbage were picked up.

From that point on I tossed it in the skip and required garbage to work, believing it might be longer or a couple of weeks before garbage could have picked up. Should the storm get near us, I’d fill every could about 1/3 upward with water to maintain down it and then tuck them. My son washed the rain gutters. The hurricane course was tracking towards Florida’s center and fear prepping was around. Gas lines were 10-15 deep in Costco. The county had been planning to dictate Level A and Level B Mandatory Evacuations. People tried to escape. People were respectful and civil. My prepping of equipment was performed except for maintaining the cars.