Using Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Better Energy Efficiency

Ultrasonic humidifiers are proven to be more energy efficient because they use far less electricity than a standard humidifier. Used in homes and businesses they are able to humidify an area without the use of heat. Instead sound waves are produced that enable small quantities of water to be created from a tank built into the humidifier.

Although undetectable by the human ear, ultrasonics are used to perform many tasks very effectively. In the case of ultrasonic humidifiers, the water inside them is broken down by the ultrasonic waves and this causes the water to come out of the humidifier in the form of a cold mist. This principle works regardless of the size of the area in question and the saving on electricity is known to be more than 90%; a valuable asset when large areas such as factories or warehouses need to be humidified.

There are various types and designs on the market but there are two specific types that comply with the specifications laid down by the HVAC. The first type is portable allowing it to be transferred to and from different areas with relative ease. These can be powered by battery, a cigarette lighter outlet in a car or by mains power. The second type of ultrasonic humidifier is static and it could form part of a heating ventilating and air conditioning system in an office block or factory. This will enable a larger building to be humidified. This type of humidifier is normally powered by the mains power of the building it serves.

The ultrasonic frequencies used by these machines are not damaging to humans in any way. However, it is advisable to regularly clean a humidifier with solvent to avoid any contamination to the water. If the water becomes contaminated, bacteria, fungi and viruses will be allowed to form which can become harmful to humans if inhaled. As well as regular cleaning, it will be advisable to use purified water in the machine to prevent any problems occurring.

There are a number of manufacturers of ultrasonic humidifiers that provide an easy to use humidifier which is easy to clean, maintain and very safe for the user. Searching for theĀ best ultrasonic humidifier can be a real challenge though as there is so many to choose from.

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