Italian Espresso Machinery

From Italy, With Love:

Coffee is a famous drink all over the world, but do you know where does the best coffee come from? You might have already guessed it right. It’s Italy, the soul of coffee. The Italians are known to make some of the best varieties of coffee in the world. Most of the famous and sumptuous names of coffee that we know, like the latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha and many more are all from Italy. Even the first espresso machine was made in Turin, Italy by an Italian scientist Angelo Moriondo. So what do the Italians do to get this perfect blend of coffee that we see? Today let’s find out what do they use by looking at the best Italian espresso machine, because it’s always good to know something from its source as it can be found best always where it came from.


The basic:

Before jumping into what the Italians use, it’s always good to have some idea about the basics. So an espresso is a coffee that’s produced by applying some pressure to finely ground coffee beans by way of forcing some amount of hot water that is about to boil. The machine that helps with this is the espresso machine.


To Italy:

After getting some idea of what an espresso is, let’s find out what the best, though not the first (in quantity), producers of coffee in the world do to make their coffee matchless in the list of top 5 best Italian espresso machine:


  • Gaggia coffee machines – the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe and the Gaggia Brera.
  • La Cimbali coffee machines.
  • Elektra coffee machines – the Nivola W compact home Italian espresso machine and the Micro Casa Leva S1.
  • Lavazza coffee machines – the Modo Mio espresso machines.
  • illyItalian espresso machines – the Francis Francis Y3 machine.


These are some of the trademark Italian espresso machines for you.

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