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All children are special, but some children have special needs. IncludEd Educational Services has been a leading provider of services assisting special needs children and their families in the greater New York City Metropolitan Area for over 15 years.

Mission Statement:

IncludEd is committed to being a leader in the provision of disability services for young children, holding fast to standards of excellence, compassion, and quality of care in our efforts to improve the conditions of the children we serve. We strive, through our collaborative ventures, to use our resources to benefit all community agencies serving the children we support.

What We Do At IncludED

Established in 1994 and incorporated as a nonprofit, IncludEd began to develop extensive collaborations with Head Start centers and preschool programs throughout the greater New York City Metropolitan Area, servicing children from 3 to 5 years of age. IncludEd has long standing partnerships with Project Head Start, the Department of Health, and the Board of Education. DevotEd Early Intervention extends the current services that benefit children from ages 3-5 in IncludEd, to embrace children from birth to age 3.

IncludEd’s Pre-school services range from providing professional evaluations and assessments designed to gain a clear picture of a child’s challenges, to therapy, counseling, and special education services intended to maximize each child’s potential. IncludEd’s highly trained, experienced and qualified staff provide services in the home, Head Start centers or other preschool settings. Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling and special education instruction are the primary focus of IncludEd’s work.

IncludEd Educational Services together with its affiliate, DevotEd Early Intervention, Inc., focuses on children from birth to five years of age. By identifying special needs early, partnering with families, and providing the care and support children and families need, often what could have been a lifelong challenge is overcome through early intervention.

What’s more, these services are provided at no cost to eligible children. IncludEd’s goal is to remove every obstacle possible for children with special needs. This is why we provide multi-lingual evaluations, therapy services, and classroom activities in the LRE, the least restrictive environment. We strive to make all parents understand how to best advocate for and support their children.

DevotED Early Intervention Program


The DevotEd Early Intervention Program serves infants, toddlers and their families with multilingual case management, evaluation and clinical/therapeutic services.  DevotEd is licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Health and in New York City, by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and in Nassau County by the Nassau County Department of Health.  DevotEd’s highly skilled staff works with very young physically disabled and developmentally delayed children.

DevotEd is committed to working with parents and families as partners in order to improve the children’s developmental conditions within both the home- and facility-based environments. DevotEd offers flexible, year-round supportive and developmental interventions including: special instruction, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, audiology, speech and language therapy, as well as health and nutrition services. 

Kids Count, Inc.

kids Count

Kids Count was incorporated in 1993 in response to the mounting need to provide therapy services for children enrolled in Head Start. Kids Count managed on-site satellite clinics through an agreement with the New York State Department of Health and Article 28 provider agencies until the start of managed care in 2000.

Currently, Kids Count provides therapy services as a Related Services Only (RSO) program funded by the New York City Board of Education for children who are diagnosed and recommended to receive these services by the Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE) and the Committee on Special Education (CSE), for school age children.

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